Issues of HSBC retirees

Complainant Number: IPF1008

Grievance/Complainant : CORPORATE/OTHER

Grievance/ Incident Category : Other

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Subject matter of grievance/incidents : I want to share the issues we are facing with HSBC, I know the mail is too long requesting you please go through the details. The issues are as follows : Isssue 1. The Employee's Provident Fund Organisation has introduced the Family Pension Scheme in the year 1971 and we are the member of the same scheme. The HSBC has issued 2 letters in the year 2005 and 2006 about the same ( copy of the letters 'hsbc's ltr for fpf' attached ). We completed all the formalities as per the letter but the pension didn't started. I sent the application to Employees Provident Fund Office ( under Right to Information Act 2005 ) for the status of our pension and the same office send me the reply that the HSBC has not submitted the basic documents with EPFO. ( copy of reply from EPFO 'reply from epfo' attached ) We sent the notice to EPFO to prosecute HSBC for not submitting the basic documents. ( copy of notice 'notice to prosecute hsbc' attached ) The EPFO issued show cause notice to HSBC but still the pension is not started. ( copy of reply from EPFO 'reply from epfo show cause notice attached ) Issue 2. In the year 2003 HSBC introduced the voluntary retirement scheme for their staff and 217 staff opted the scheme. The HSBC issued the letter regarding the Pension and Return of Capital amount those who opted the vrs. ( copy of letter 'ltr from hsbc about roc' attached ) The HSBC introduced another voluntary retirement scheme in the years 2015 and 2016, those who opted the vrs gor the ledger sheet from LIC of India about their pension, annuities purchase and return of capital amount. ( copy of ledger sheet 'Ledger sheet from Lic' attached ) I sent the email to Mr. Douglas Flint ( ex chairman of HSBC group ) about the two separate arrangements of pension and he has replied to me that senior manager from HSBC India will contact me regarding the same but till date nobody has contacted me. ( copy of reply 'Reply from Mr. Douglas Flint attached ) I approached LIC of India for the information of master policy No IMAN/12577 ( as mentioned in Ledger sheet from LIC ) and the two separate arrangement of pension but they are not ready to give the information and advised me to approached trustees of HSBC provident fund trust. ( copy of Lic's reply my 1st appeal to them and their reply attached ) The HSBC Provident Fund trust is not registered with the Charity Commissioners it has got the recognition from Income Tax Department and Employees Provident Fund Office. I have sought the information of this trust through RTI act 2005 with the Provident Fund Office but they never responded. I filed the 1st appeal as EPFO didn't replied but they didn't responded to 1st appeal so I filed the second appeal with Central Information Commission and they issued the order to HSBC to provide the information of their trust to me. The bank has filed the writ petition in Mumbai High Court and got the stay on the CIC order. ( copy of writ petition attached in which my RTI application to PF office, my 1st appeal to them, 2nd appeal to CIC and CIC order are attached ) The EPFO has announced that may bring 500 small private PF Trust into its fold. ( copy of the link attached ) Issue 3. The Indian Bank's Association has introduced the health insurance for the bank retirees as per their circular we have sent the notice to HSBC but the bank is not ready to implement the same to their retirees. ( copy of health insurance notice attached ) Please find the following attached files for further details of the issues. 1. Show cause notice to HSBC. 2. HSBC's reply to show cause notice. ( they sent the reply after I raised the grievance with PMO India ) They only mention about the Family Pension issue but didn't responded to other issues. 3. EPFO's reply to my RTI application about the claim HSBC has made in their reply.

Prayer / Relief sought : Yes

Place of Grievance/Incident : Self employed

Grievance/Incident Date & Time : 2017/12/06 10:00

Evidence : Yes

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