Landlord harrasment thru witchcraft on daily basis for basic amenities

Complainant Number: IPF1007

Grievance/Complainant : HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION

Grievance/ Incident Category : Miscellaneous

Grievance/ Incident Sub Category : Hunger Strike

Subject matter of grievance/incidents : Sir write now we are being in trauma pn daily basis. As my landlord keep figiting with basic amenities including water supply. Believe me are trapped by him badly thru his rubbish poor behaviour from very first day we rented the house. Whenever we go and talk to him he avoid circumstances peacefully and smartly. He keeps the premises under filth and dirt. Due this continuous fight he has become so revenge full that we cannot pick a bucket of water from his home. And he keeps me under severe physical and mental trauma. If we take some legal authority help he will tramatize us badly thru witchcraft. We have become umemployed. He doesnt allowed me to touch the switch of water pump for single day. Daily i have seven to eight spirit haunting and fighting continously day and night. Being an Indian he never like my skills and talent. I dont know how to overcome silent defeat given by him.

Prayer / Relief sought : Prayer

Place of Grievance/Incident : Jaynagar 2nd block, opp hopcom, 18/2, Bangal

Grievance/Incident Date & Time : 2018/04/07 10:00

Evidence : Yes

02 May 2019

vijaya kumar busetti

Hi, Kindly go to the nearest police station with the rental agreement, i am sure you have rental agreement and it shows the full details of your right to stay there with all the amenities. As police to register a complaint and it should solve the issue. Do let me know once you approach police and if the issue is not sorted out. regards, Vijay,

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