Supreme Court orders State to deposit compensation on grave abuse of women's rights

The Khap Panchayat is an assembly of Khap elders particularly among the Jat people of Western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The Khap Panchayat had recently ordered a callous decision of raping two sisters and then parading them naked after blackening their faces. All this was as a vengeance and retaliation to her brother eloping with a married girl from an upper caste Jat Community. Soon after the petition was filed, they had to return due to high pressure from the UP Police and the girl’s family. But then, after the return the petitioner’s brother was falsely implicated in a narcotics case and was arrested. Their family member were also subjected to constant torture ad were abducted.

Amnesty International which is a London based nonprofit organization focused on human rights, also has its Indian country unit at Bengaluru promoting human rights and dignity. It also supported the sisters against any public humiliation of any form and stated that nothing could justify this abhorrent punishment.

The bench comprising of Justice J. Chelameswar  and Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul after scrutinizing the facts, observed  that no illegal article/substance could be recovered from the brother related to narcotics, and the married woman gave the statement that they did not have any relationship. There did not exist any foundation in this case and was a false trap. The Court expressed complete dissatisfaction on the role done by police officials and ordered for probe against the police officials involved. The Court will also determine the complicity of these police officers for which a suitable superior officer would be appointed under the garb of Section 36 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The Court also directed State to deposit Rs. 5 lakhs with the Court Registry as compensation to Ravi (the accused) and his family for bearing the agony and torture and foisting him in false cases.


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