Aadhar as a tool to curb bureaucratic corruption : CVC


Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) is the Indian apex body to address governmental corruption. The Central Vigilance Commissioner KV Chowdhary said that since Aadhar is compulsory for numerous purposes including financial transactions, property deals etc it could be used as a weapon to track the black money with corrupt bureaucrats. The CVC has prepared a concept paper in this regard and an operational procedure or a software is to be designed so as to get the necessary details of the person using Aadhar. The Comissioner also emphasized that Aadhar will act as a watch dog to a person’s disproportionate assets and few centralised investigating agencies will be able to use the PAN (Permanent Account Number) card information along with Aadhar to determine a transaction done by an individual.

August 24 will always be a historic day for the Indian judiciary declaring privacy as the fundamental right. But the SC while holding this judgment made clear the garb of privacy. It said that “Privacy can’t be shield of a corrupt and privacy can’t be shield of terrorist. This clearly equalizes that Privacy has limitations”

It is precisely the capture and use of biometrics that make Aadhaar the best tool, as of now, to curb leakages in welfare delivery. The access of any benefit or service is based upon some proof of identity and eligibility – for example a ration card to avail subsidised food grains or kerosene, an age certificate to avail old age pension and the like were used. All of these can be – and have been – duplicated and forged. Aadhaar cannot. And wherever it has been used, leakages have come down significantly,. This positive aspect of Aadhaar cannot be ignored lightly. There is no denying that the rollout of Aadhaar and its use has not been as problem-free as it should have been.. There have been some reports of biometric authentication failing, resulting in people being denied the welfare benefits. But these are problems that have to be addressed. These cannot be reasons to junk Aadhaar wholesale. If people want to avail welfare benefits, they will need to prove their identity - it was a ration card or income certificate earlier; it has to be accompanied by an Aadhaar-based authentication now. The former establishes eligibility; the latter establishes identity.

The Commissioner supplementing to PM’s vision for a corruption free India said that to hold corruption and facilitate investigation, use of technology for misdeeds has to be done.

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