Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru among top 10 cities globally for GDP risk from terrorism threats

Lloyd’s, a global specialist in insurance and reinsurance market, has released a survey called City Risk Index which measured GDP risk from 22 separate threats in 279 cities across the world. Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru stood fifth, sixth and seventh respectively while Delhi and Mumbai were in the global top 10 for GDP risk attributed to civil conflict. Further, conflict and terrorism threats accounted about USD 9 billion to India’s economic output, i.e. more than half (58 per cent). Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Surat were the 10 cities surveyed from India. The top GDP threats for each city were civil and interstate conflict, while human pandemics and floods, posed an estimated $1.7-billion and $1.3-billion to the GDP of the country. Kolkata is vulnerable to an extreme earthquake, as it can cost nearly USD 74.4 billion, which would be double the city’s annual GDP of USD 32.6 billion. For Delhi, an extreme interstate conflict or flood could cost more than the city's overall annual economic output of USD 108.5 billion. Lloyd’s CRI added that the survey reflects the current state of geopolitical tension in the nation, with communalism and polarising politics on the rise. The cities were chosen as they contribute nearly 41 percent to the country’s GDP, i.e. USD 35.4 trillion.

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