Terror-funding: Over 100 bank accounts under scanner

Anti-terrorism squad (ATS) investigators have come across over 100 bank accounts that were opened in several banks in eastern part of the state and the adjoining districts in Bihar that were being utilized to transfer funds for anti-national activities. This has been claimed by the ATS after interrogating Ramesh Shah - the alleged mastermind arrested from Pune on Thursday.

Officials have revealed that huge amounts were being deposited and withdrawn from thses accounts, opened in the names of different persons. The major concentration of such accounts is in Gorakhpur, Mirzapur, Ghazipur and Jaunpur in UP. Such accounts have also been found in Siwan, Gopalganj and Champaran in Bihar.

This terror-funding racket was started in 2016, and other people were lured into the job by assuring them heavy 'commissions' to approach others for opening a bank account. Preliminary investigations have also revealed that Shah himself had over 20 fake bank accounts in different names.



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