India And Pakistan To Be Part Of A Military Drill For The First Time

The Indian and Pakistan militaries are taking part in an anti-terror drill for the first time conducted by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Russia. This is being held to expand cooperation among the member countries to tackle the increasing terrorism and extremism.

India became a member of the SCO in 2017 and is taking part in the drill for the first time. The peace mission exercise is conducted every two years for the SCO member states. Its being held ay Russia from August 22nd to August 29th by the central military commission of Russia. Around 3,000 soldiers from member countries are taking part in this drill which will involve tactical level operations in counter insurgency and counter terrorism. The joint exercise will strengthen the mutual confidence and enable sharing of best practices among armed forces of the SCO nations

India and Pakistan which have been involved in military conflict for a long time now have got an opportunity to enhance military exchanges and trust which will also improve regional stability. The Peace Mission 2018 also creates a historic chance for four major military powers in Eurasia which are China, Pakistan, Russia and India to participate in the same military drill.

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