In an emerging new trend in terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, ex-terrorists who returned through Nepal and surrendered in Jammu & Kashmir over the years have now joined terrorism again. The security agencies identified at least six such cases recently and advised the J&K Police and its Crime Investigation Department, besides the Army, to keep tabs on ex-terrorists in their respective operational theatres.

 The trend is being taken seriously and a detailed exercise has been undertaken to ascertain more such cases so that remedial measures can be taken. The surrendered terrorists get benefits under the rehabilitation packages and their coming back to the terror fold implies that they are fighting the forces from funds being made available to them under the Government amnesty schemes, a senior security agency official said. The return of the ex-terrorists to terror activities is matter of serious concern for the security agencies because these hard-core terrorists have well-established links across the border. These terrorists are well trained in terror activities and can provide both logistical support and  

Around 450 terrorists have returned from POK to India via Nepal even though under the surrender policy it does not entitle them to any benefit. In contrast, a few ultras have re-entered India via the three designated routes: Salamabad, Chakanda-Bagh and Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi

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