“Meetings when consignment takes place” - Syed Shazia

This is regarding a woman named Syed Shazia (early 30s) from Banipora, who has got arrested for being a “honey trapper”. Honey trapping is stratagem in which an attractive person entices another person into revealing information or doing something unwise. In other words, it is a strategy used to seek the hands of the youths into militancy and to utilize them as human carriers of weapons and guide to penetrate terrorists.

The arrest took place as the result of intelligence based operation where she had been into the watch care by the associates through the social networking sites she has been active. The watch was done by the officials of the central security agency through tracking her Internet Protocol (IP) address.  The officials explain that she would promise to meet the youths only when a particular delivery takes place to another place and added that there are some more women in militant ranks who have been into the same task of persuading youths into militancy.

The officials in the police department also had their fair share in this process with her, which they term as “double-cross”, a chronic strategy which is used to report the movement of troops and other less sensitive matters to her slave drivers. Earlier to her arrest, such special police officer recognized as Irfan hailing from Handwara was taken up by the police for informing Shazia that her mobile was being kept an eye on.

Such arrest is not new, but had precedence last week. A woman named Aysia Jan (28) was arrested by the police officials for possessing 20 grenades and ammunition in Lawaypora on having received information regarding the smuggling and terrorist attacks in the city. This woman had been tracked and monitored from last September when the demise of Abu Ismail (the Lashker –e- Taiba- terror- in chief of theValley) and Chota Qassim occurred.

This case relates to Syed Shazia where she was the anonymous person who helped supplying arms, ammunition and honey trapping to the two terrorist. This fact came into lime light when certain documents and materials were found in the encounter site of the Srinagar City.

Syed Shazia had a good relationship and constant contact with Sherwan, the terror outfit who introduced her into the Pakistan terrorists namely Sufiyan and Qasim Khan Gauri. This resulted in her working as an over ground worker of Jaish terror group and acted as the main aqueduct for the proper delivery of weapons to the other parts of the Valley.

On the basis of all the incidents and her aid to the precedents she was arrested under various sections of the Ranbir Penal Code. (equivalent to IPC)

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