NIA Seeks Custody Of The Arrested Persons Of The ISSI Case.

As discussed earlier, this ISSI case refers to the “Harkat–ul- Harb- e- Islam” module which was tracked and struck downby the NIA utilizing the human intelligence inputs.Around 16 out of this group had been suspected and 10 of them were arrested on Wednesday. The arrested personswere produced before the Additional Sessions JudgeAjay Pandey for in-camera proceedings of the case. Those under proceedings due to the arrest were: Mufti Mohd Suhail, Anas Yunus, Rashid Zafar Raq, Saeed,Raees Ahmad, Zubair Malik, Zaid, Saqib Iftekar, Mohd Irshad, Mohd Azam. These 10 of them are directed by the Delhi courtto be taken under 15 day custody by the NIA.

The module targeted vital installation, security establishments, suicide attacks and serial blasts in Delhi and other parts of North India. The defensive action of arrest took place as the result of the enormous efforts put forth by the Special cell of Delhi Police and Anti-terrorism Squad of Uttar Pradesh Police who conducted thorough searches at six places in Jafrabad, Seelampur in Delhi and 11 places in Uttar Pradesh- six in Amroha, two in Lucknow, two in Hapur and two in Meerut.The search and arrest took place a month before Republic day celebrations on January 26.

The brainbox of the event named Mufti MohdSuhail,a Muslim legal expert was included in the arrest of 10 persons which happened on Wednesday. Six more persons are being suspected on this issue. One of the arrested lot had a civil engineer from aNoida private University, a BA Humanities student from Delhi University, garments dealerandwelding shop owners.

The result of the search by NIA included 112 alarm clocks, country made rocket launcher and suicide vests.

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