Measures Taken By The Anti-Corruption Bureau To Curb Corruption.

The Anti-corruption Bureau has taken steps to curtail corruption by way of spreading two mobile numbers of DSP level officers utilizing the social media to enable the public to file complaints against corruption without any second thoughts or fear as they ensure secrecy of the complainant.

This action is been initiated by ACB Dhanbad after the incident of bribe exchange that happened at Bokaro deputy commissioner’s office by Mr. Mukesh Kumar, who was caught red handed for receiving bribe of Rs.71,000 outside the DC's bungalow. This has been one of the most significant case which has laid its mark against corruption. Three other persons have been noticed in this incident, they are : Saryu Rai- state's minister for food and supplies, health department staff posted as Nazir and a stenographer. This case signifies of how corruption is “deep routed”to the JMM leaders.

Mantru Yadav, JMM city president exclaims the pitiable situation of the state where a stenographer is able to accept bribe outside the DC's confidential section of the bungalow. His words were – “ Is it believable that a staff of a stature of nazir or stenographer would get bribe of Rs.71,000? There are definitely some senior officials behind it”.

Rajesh Thakur, party spokesperson criticized the Raghubar Das hypocritical rule, where efforts to curb corruption are on keen verbal action but the DC's confidential section witnessed bribery. He further added that though the person was caught, yet the truth behind the scene remains unveiled. He wanted the public to know the entire know-how of the incident as the exchange of bribe amounting Rs.71, 000 to a stenographer was not a simple operation to happen for transportation of food materials from godowms to PDS shops. SP (ACB Dhanbad) Sudharshan Mandal gave a positive response to Thakur's demand as they are still under investigation for obtaining more information and numbers have been under circulation to reduce further circumstances of the same.

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