Rift Between The Adivasis Of Kunti District And The State Government.

The adivasis of Kunti District named as Adivasi AdhikarRashtriyaManchhad had gone to the National Human Rights Commission seeking relief and justice as the police had filed an open FIR's against 15,000 people of their community. They exclaim this act to be bullying and intimidating them and describe it as “reckless and illegal use” of sedition law.

They stated that the stone quote sections of the Constitution and PES Act, 1996 favors them in regards to no initiation of projects without the consent of Gram Sabha. Yet, their people are working in the project “pathalgarhi” to erect boundaries of the village since 2017.

In response, Superintendent of Police- Kunti District Ashwini Kumar Sinha had told that -no illegal process was conducted and it was not focused to harm the villagers of the district.

The Manch stated that the ceremony was conducted to weaken the rights of the Adivasi community in particular to their land and forest rights. They proclaimed that instead of taking actions against the government officials from invading their area, the police curtailed their men by enmeshing them in false cases.

The state government exclaims that these people are influenced by the “outsiders” in preventing them from implementing the government schemes.

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