Unexpected Murder Of Mr. Narendra Prasad Singh By The Maoist.

The Maoist had its action on Narendra Prasad Singh who is the uncle of BJP MLC Rajan Kumar Singh. They killed him, exploded a community hall, incinerated 11 vehicles and a carpenter's house at Sudi Bigha which comes under the Deo Police station area, Aurangabad district around 9:30 p.m on Saturday to take it’s revenge on the MLC for not handing back their money of Rs. 7 crore including Rs.5 crore which they swapped during demonetization. The MLC had its role on government contract works.

Kundan Krishnan IG (operation) reported that leaving behind pamphlets of allegations by the Maoist had been the initial one to take place at Bihar.It is that they had also positioned IED's at Mr. Prasad's place, butwere not able to boost them as Deo SHO had reached the place on time and concluded with fire. Later, Cobra commandos of CRPF and STF had gone to the residence. This action was executed for people like Rajan and other contractors and they have nothing against the members of BJP or RSS exclaimed the CPI Maoist in the pamphlets.

In response to the allegations, the MLC denied them. However, he agreed that the Maoist had been asking Rs. 2 crore as charges since 2015 which he hadn’t paid so far. He had requested a tight security to the DGP as his life was in danger for which a proper escort vehicle was provided in Aurangabad.

No operators tend to have any contractual obligations and agreement without the approval of Maoist in their areas says an IPS officer.Warnings have been put forth at Aurangabad and Gaya management about the danger to the lives of certain people including the MLC and transporter.

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