Yadav Questions On Raids Against CBI

On Sunday, Samajwadi party chief Akhilesh Yadav, after skimming the reports of BJP, exclaimed that he may have to reveal the details about the association with Mayawati as the CBI might interrogate him about the illegal mining case. Mr.Yadav in a conversation with Lucknow reporters told that he is very much ready to answer CBI with which people will also have to answer BJP. He also added that he is glad that BJP had reflected its true colours at least now. Earlier it was Congress now its BJP. He further enlightened about their election plans that they have been taking efforts to win maximum seats in Lok Sabha and to all who wants to prevent party’s progress, CBI will extend their share too. There might be an investigation by CBI to former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh as the rivals intending to join hands. 14 different locations were raided by the CBI to probe over illegal mining of minor in Hamirpur district over the period 2012-16. Mr. Yadav also put forth his contention as to why the CBI had to conduct raids and rather can be direct to him and get answers. He made a statement that “BJP should remember that the culture it is leaving behind, it may have to face it in the future”.  There is a suspense regarding whether Samajwadi party is going to join hands with Congress or not (includes Ajith Singh) which will be announced in a week. However there was a formal declaration about alliance with Mayawati’s BSP and Samajwadi party to contest in the national elections and their plans regarding seat sharing arrangement.  About the association of Congress with Samajwadi party and Mayawati depends on the decision made by chief of the parties. Yadav stressed that the alliance has been taught by BJP to us and that they are walking in that path and they are so certain they would be wining maximum number of seats in the upcoming elections.  Yadav questioned the integrity of CBI as these raids are done only because of political motivation and nothing else.

In response to Yadav’s comments, BJP affirmed that Yadav’s government was hand in glove with the accused in the illegal mining case. UP Minister Sidharth Singh at a press conference did not agree with  Yadav’s allegation and made straight that the action of looting money will result in law taking its course.  He also pointed out that Yadav’s government instead of pondering as to why raids happened they may  very well answer as to why so much loot under their government.  Kapil Sibal from Congress also opposed saying it was raided. 80 lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh were sent to Lok Sabha.

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