Mohammad Absar Arrested By The NIA For Being Part Of ISIS Module.

On Friday, the accused Mohammad Absar was arrested by the NIA which had been investigating cases relating to ISIS module based in Delhi and UP. The accused was arrested because he had made his way to Jammu and Kashmir in May and August, 2018 to acquire weapons and training of the module.

The accused placed at Meerut is a Quran tutor in Hapur. He had been in touch with Saqib Iftekar, another accused of the module to tap the contact of moulvifor getting proper aid of Kashmiri “Mujahideen” for seeking weapons and to render arms training.

Incidentally the moulvi gave the two accused a contact of a person who would help them in providing the weapons and training for the module. This happened as a result when he visited Tral twice with Saqib Iftekar.

The NIA is conducting searches and investigations in three locations in Meerut and Hapur to verify the precedents after Absar's arrest. The reason behind his arrest was that he was the part of “Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam ISIS module which broke down at Delhi and Amroha and also for being the “part of the conspiracy to attack vital security establishments and prominent persons”.

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