Selection Committee To Decide Upon The Descendant To Alok Verma On January 24.

Subsequent to the request made by Mallikarjun to reveal all the documents to public, a significant board headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to select the descendant to Alok Verma on January 24. Chief Justice Ranhan Gogoi was replaced by Justice AK Sikri where he made his efforts in removing Mr.Verma hardly 48 hours after his reinstatement. The panel consisted of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mallikarjun and Justice AK Sikri which decided on Verma’s issue based on the allegations filed by the Central Vigilance Commission.

The report was put forth to the Supreme Court. Justice Patnaik also stated that there was no evidence of corruption and the decision taken was very hasty. Alok Verma’s words were: he was "sad" that he was transferred on the basis of "false, unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations made by only one person, who was inimical to him". He denied taking up charge as Chief of Fire Services after his removal as CBI director.

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