Supreme Court Ensures Safety And Protection Of Kashmiris And Other Minorities Against Aggression: Pulwama

On Friday, the Supreme Court directed that the nodal officers according to the list provided by the Attorney General, adopt the necessary measures to prevent acts of violence, discrimination and other coercive acts against the Kashmiris and other minorities after the February 14 Pulwama terrorist attack.

The appointment of these officers will be given wide publicity by the Ministry of Home Affairs in all states so that all acts of assault, intimidation, social boycott and threat can be brought to the attention of the nodal officer.

The bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi declared that the Court has gone through the advisories issued by the Home Ministry to the Chief Secretaries and the DGPs of all states. These advisories shall be reiterated from time to time.

The Chief Secretaries, the DGPs and the Police Commissioner of Delhi are obliged to take prompt and necessary measures to prevent all incidents of threat, aggression, social boycott and other acts of coercion after the terrorist attack.

The court issued a notice by allowing the states of Punjab and Maharashtra to be impleaded as respondents. It states that the petition was filed in respect of 9 states. Mr. Gonsalves submitted that 10 additional incidents have come to light, some in two new states of Punjab and Maharashtra.

As he sought to describe the most recent instance of violence, the Chief Justice inquired what relief the Senior Counsel was looking for in the petition.

He prayed that he wanted an order similar to the lynching cases.

When the Chief Justice observed that the order in behalf of the nodal officers was a final order in the cow vigilantism case which could not be passed at the present stage, the Senior Advocate clarified that even in the lynching matter it was issued at the beginning.

Another Advocate tried to draw the bench's attention to incidents where students have gone missing. AG K. K. Venugopal advanced that even before the said terrorist act, Kashmiri students were found to be vulnerable in the rest of the country and the government of India considered it necessary to extend the protection.

Nodal officers have been appointed in all states and UTs and there names and numbers are available. This list was last updated in 2018 and necessary Advisories have been issued. Measures were taken by the Home Ministry particularly in respect of students residing outside of J & K and complaints can be reported on a specific number.

"This is an earlier list? In what connection?", asked the Chief Justice.

The AG replied that this is especially for J & K, directed to the Chief Secretaries and the DGPs of all states to avoid the threats and intimidations of the Kashmiri people. They were only in a position to issue advisories. The DGPs are taking measures directly to this effect. The AG while replying to the question took into account the police, public order, prisons, criminal law and criminal procedure being subjects of the State and Concurrent Lists.

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