Being Defamed By India Based On A Suspect Video: Pakistan To UNSC

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been virtually accused by Pakistan as a chauvinist for “domestic political reasons” in a letter written to the president of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). New Delhi has also been accused of slandering Islamabad on the basis of a “social media video of completely suspect content”. This happened a day after the UNSC had condemned the Pulwama terror attack and named Jaish-e-Mohammed(JeM), a Pakistan based terror group.

The letter dated February 22 and was addressed to the UNSC chief Anatolio Ndong Mba, by Pakistan foreign minister MakhdoomShah Mahmood Qureshi. He has asked the UNSC to prevent India from intensifying the situation to cover its own operational & policy failures and enter into a dialogue with Islamabad & Kashmiri people.

A video has been circulating across social media immediately after the Pulwama terror attack. The suicide bomber in the video openly took responsibility for thr terror attack on 40 CRPF troopers and has claimed his allegiance to JeM.

Qureshi had written another letter to the UN Secretary General on February 18 & requested him to stop New Delhi from slandering Pakistan for a home grown attack which was carried by a Kashmiri resident. He also asked for a de-escalation from the Indian side.

The PM Imran Khan’s February 20 address was attached to the second letter. In the address, Khan had offered to help New Delhi in investigating the Pulwama terror attack. He warned India of retaliation by Pakistan if they carried an attack against the Pulwama attack. The offer was rejected by New Delhi citing Pakistan’s track record stating the 2008 Mumbai attacks & the 2016 Pathankot strike, which were carried out by Pakistan based terrorist. 

Qureshi stated that Indian is trying to blame Pakistan based on false accusations. He stated in his letter:  “ Simultaneously, for domestic political reasons, India has deliberately ratcheted up hostile rhetoric against Pakistan and created a tense environment. The Prime Minister of India, in several public statements, stoked passions and threatened a befitting response. Among other things, the PM said : ….”There is a lot of anger, people’s blood is boiling …. The next steps will be taken by our armed forces. What should be the time, what should be the place and what should be the form, they have been authorized to take all the decisions”.”

In the second letter dated February 22, Qureshi blamed India for “portray the legitimate Kashmiri struggle for self determination as terrorism.”  He also referred to human right violations in Kashmir, the right to self determination in the state. The 1948 UNSC resolution on a poll in Kashmir was raised by Qureshi but he forgot to mention the condition attached to the resolution, that, Pakistan had to withdraw from the parts of the state which are illegal occupied by it.

Pakistan has alleged that India has been accusing Pakistan without carrying proper investigation. Qureshi stated “The entire basis of India’s unfounded allegation was a social media video of completely suspect content.” The foreign minister of Pakistan has blamed India threatening to use water as a weapon. This came after India ensured that no water from Indus & its tributaries will flow into Pakistan.

India reiterated that it was ready for a comprehensive dialogue, but only in an atmosphere free of terror and violence.

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