22 Terrorists Training Camps Acting In Pakistan: Indian Official.

A Senior Indian official while speaking to the global community said that as many as 22 terrorist training camps, including nine of Jaish-e-Mohammed are active in Pakistan, but no action is being taken against them and he also warned that India will not hesitate to carry out operation similar to that of Balakot airstrike if there is any act of terrorism coming from Pakistan.

In a tactical and swift manner IAF conducted an air strike that lasted less than two minutes where India pounded JeM’s biggest training camp in Pakistan on February 26, killing up to 350 terrorists who were supposedly moved there for their protection after the February 14 attack in Pulwama of which the JeM claimed responsibility.

The official preferring to be anonymous said, “Pakistan is a global epicenter of terrorism and it needs to take verifiable and credible steps against terrorist organizations and terrorist.” He also accused Pakistan and its leadership of being in denial mode and trying to create a war hysteria kind of situation between two nuclear armed states.

The official also said that Balakot air strike conducted by India was a counter-terrorism operation, which was well within the international laws.

“Instead of taking action against terrorist groups, Pakistan escalated the situation and indulged in war hysteria by doing things like declaring emergency in Karachi, blocking air traffic and creating rumours, which is part of its familiar pattern,” the official said, adding , “India on the other hand exercised restraint.”

Referring to the recent actions taken by Pakistan against several terrorist groups, the official said that these actions are “nothing unusual” as the country takes such steps after every terrorist strike in India.

“These actions are just a revolving door policy under which house arrest of terrorist leaders simply means keeping them in luxurious accommodation.”

They are released once the situation becomes normal, the official said.

The official accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism and shared that India feels that Islamabad is unlikely to stop funding terror activities “unless the cost of it is too heavy for it to pay.”

He asserted India’s right of self-defense. He again warned Pakistan that there will be reprisal for every act of terrorism.

India is very closely engaged with the US and has support of the Trump administration. The official also said that India is opposed to any IMF bailout packages to Pakistan.

Pakistan has received as many as 21 bailout packages, including seven in the recent past, from the IMF. However, none of them has been able to address the economic woes of Pakistan because the money intended to improve the economy and developmental purposes have been diverted for non-civilian means. 

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