The United Nations Security Council (UNSC)  now want to take moves against the terror and has also ordered various countries to take initiatives against the terror  financing  by  making laws and legislations regarding terror financing .As now  in present scenario  many person of country involved in terror funding organizations or terrorists and provide support and economic resources to terrorism .So, the UN council has ordered to fight against this issue so for fighting against terror make it a serious crime and hence passes resolution that to ensure their domestic laws  and legislation and declare it a serious crime or criminal offence as well as also said that to prosecute those people who gave or collect fund for the terror organization  and this also urges all countries to establish financial intelligence unit to track the terrorists funding what are their sources from where they were getting financial assistance and share the whole investigation of terrorists. The India’s permanent representative Syed Akbaruddin at United Nations said  and hit out Pakistan in reference to serial offenders and also said that terrorists are day by day going more creative and  innovative they are ready with their new ways so that they violates the rule book and the states which were apologist they have to provide justification or evidence for their actions and inactions done by their serial offenders .Not only this UN Security  Council has adopted a resolution to fight against the terrorism financing and linked the FATF(Financial Action Task Force) with the UN .FATF put the Pakistan in dock of the terrorism and for Pakistan there were possibilities to put them in the greylist for the terror financing. India said fighting against terrorism is viewed by many states and India also called UN move as a milestone in global efforts towards the framework to criminalize terror financing. Akbaruddin said “ Effective and sustained efforts in countering terrorism financing is at the heart of the issues addressing  terrorism ,therefore we welcome this initiative to bring together in a comprehensive manner various existing norms and regulations.

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