Huge Arms Cache Seized From Cave Used By Terrorists In Kashmir's Rajouri

Police and Army in a joint operation on Wednesday busted a militant hideout and recovered cache of arms and ammunition in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir.
“Arms and ammunition was recovered on early Wednesday morning from a terrorist hideout busted by 60RR of Army and police party in Shargari forests of Chassana,” official spokesman in Jammu said.
He said the recovery included 303 rifle with magazine, 90 rounds of 303 rifle ammunition, Ak-56, Ak-56 magazines (4), Ak ammunition (81), Radio set Kenwoo, Radio set antenna, pistol, pistol magazines, Chinese grenades (2), 36 number HE hand grenade, UBGL, batteries (7), RPG rounds (2), Pika rounds (67), explosives (23) and two improvised explosive devices of 6-kg each.
“The area was cordoned and search operation was launched,” he added. UNI. The hideout was busted during a joint cordon and search operation (CASO) by the Special Operations Group of police and a 48 Rashtriya Rifles team in the Manuwala forests near Dhar Sakri village in Kandi area of the border district, Senior Superintendent of Police Yougal Manhas said.

He said the cache included two AK assault rifles, six pistols, four AK magazines with 58 rounds, seven pistol magazines with eight rounds, one under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL), one radio set, one Thoraya phone and 680 general purpose machine gun bullets.

Jammu-based army spokesperson Lt Col Devender Anand said specially trained Army sniffer dogs and quadcopters were employed in the operation. The CASO was launched Monday evening, Manhas said.

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