The Anti-Corruption Bureau Of Telangana Initiates An Investigation Into The ESI Medicine Supply Scam

A senior official said Thursday, the Telangana Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has launched a preliminary investigation into the supposed "multi-crore" scam in the supply of drugs to dispensaries and ESI hospitals.

The vigilance and enforcement (V&E) wing of the state government had previously performed an investigation into the claims that the Director, Insurance Medical Services (DIMS), Hyderabad, had not followed adequate eligibility requirements in selecting companies to supply medications.

The wing, which submitted a study this year in March, discovered that drugs were purchased at "exorbitant" rates, in "breach" of procurement procedures and e-tender processes.

The test was published in the 2016-17 and 2017-18 agreements for drug supply to dispensaries and the ESI (Employees State Insurance).

The wing had suggested disciplinary action against the misguided authorities.

According to the report's findings, the Director, DIMS, did not form a Drug Procurement Committee to analyze drug and medicine requirements at the beginning of the year.

The drugs not provided by the Rate Contract (RC) companies and those not included in the RC list were bought locally without forming any compulsory Local Purchase Committee, the study said.

The DIMS did not create the Tender Scrutiny Committee for bidders of identity through the pre-bid process. Officials "failed" to define qualified companies, and as a consequence, quotes were accepted from two or three companies belonging to a single family with minor price variations, he observed.

According to the study, authorities have "intentionally favored companies for undue benefit by paying surplus cost i.e. 105 per cent to 305 per cent more than the Emergency Medicines Rate Contract" and some monopoly drugs were bought from a single company without recording the valid reasons in the note file.

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