BMC Under Corruption Watch

On Wednesday a meeting was arranged for heads of various civic departments with three senior ACB officer led by their chief Parambir Singh. He said that several complaints forwarded to the BMC for inquiry had not been acted upon and the civic body had not granted sanction for prosecution in other cases. The ACB has received 2,000 corruption complaints against the civic body’s building proposal; licence, solid waste management and storm water drain departments. Solid waste management department complaints included “pity cases” where families of civic employees complained of harassment while seeking employment with the BMC on compassionate grounds. Municipal Commissioner Praveen Pardeshi said that senior officials will be henceforth made responsible if any junior officer is caught for corruption. The ACB has warned the civic officials that they have registered only 5 FIR’s from January 2015 to May 2018 and they had received 11,332 complaints during this period and only 357 cases were ordered for an inquiry and 218 cases were closed without action. On response to this the commissioner said that the information received is incorrect and the ACB investigates only 25% cases across the world. Also, said that, the condition of anonymity that while the objective to tackle corruption in the BMC was laudable, it was important that the ACB carry out a similar exercise in other government departments as well. The anti-corruption bureau has warned BMC officials that they are under their surveillance.

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