Public Servant Details

Name of the Public Servant: Nagesh DL (IPS)

Gender: Male

Type of Department: State

Name of Department : Supritendent of police


City: Bidar

PinCode: 585401

Acheivements: Nagesh DL, Superintendent of Police, Criminal Investigation Dept, transfer posted as Deputy Commissi

Incident: The good news is that a positive transformation is slowly but steadily rolling in. And its happening due to honest and hardworking IPS officers who believe in contributing to social change, unwilling to buckle under pressure and who look forward to becoming the backbone of the fight against crime, From urging his team to be empathetic while dealing with public grievances to reviving a district co-operative, Such a IPS officer came to Bidar, Nagesh DL (IPS) SUPRITENDENT OF POLICE BIDAR, One person brutally beaten by Baswaraj ASI under Humnabad PS limit, he was partial with people, when this incident came to his knowledge suddenly he suspend that BASWARAJ ASI and put enquiry on him

Evidence: Yes

Ref: References

Referance Name: Khusru Ahmed Shah Ali

Ref Contact: 98******60

Ref Address: Bidar

Informant Details

Name: Khusru Ahmed Shah Ali





Mobile: 98******60