Approaching Minimum/Zero Grievance State

Our mission is to achieve a state where there are minimum grievances by ensuring greater accountability and elimination of corruption. Also, the idea is to completely eliminate the spread of terrorism or terrorist activities by blocking the various modes of advertisement or glorification of such activities. To seek this, we have the following short term and long term goals:


For the first 5 years of its inception, IPF shall focus on taking up the maximum number of grievances through volunteers, activists, lawyers etc. The numbers matter but much more important would be positive resolution for the concerned parties and an effective mechanism for speedy disposal. The terrorist activities reported shall be countered through effective counter terrorism measures. IPF also proposes an effective counter terrorism policy for India and shall aim at reaching the Government to implement the same.

Mid Term

10 years down the line, IPF aims at reduction in number of grievances by ensuring that honest people are recognised for their contribution and work free from external pressures. IPF believes that if the public authorities start becoming accountable and the private bodies join hands in anti corruption, together we can aim towards a lesser grievance society. Also, if India does implement the Counter Terrorism Policy, IPF believes that the country shall take a long leap in eliminating terrorism and related activities.

Long Term

20 years from its inception, the mission is to approach a state of minimum or zero grievance in the entire country with increased accountability, minimised corruption and free legal aid. Not only this, the mission includes minimising terrorism outreach by snapping such activities out of all communication methods and creating a blockade against terrorism