Be a Journalist

Anyone, who has a minimum qualification of a graduate, can connect with IPF as a Pro-bono Journalist. A Pro-bono Journalist shall be covering stories of the cases that are dealt with by the IPF. The Journalist shall also be posting legal news on the official website of IPF and conducting investigations for collecting additional evidences.


  • Meet qualification criteria- To apply as a Pro-bono Journalist under IPF, the applicant should at least be a graduate, and he needs to be fluent with English language as well as the local language of the place he is applying from.
  • Apply Online/Offline- Any person interested in joining IPF as a Pro-bono Journalist can apply online by clicking on the link "Be a Journalist" under the link "Be Pro Bono". One can also apply offline through the volunteers. The applicant will be required to attach a copy of identification proof.
  • Get Approved- After the application has been received by the IPF, the same will be verified along with the credentials. Ones the credentials have been verified satisfactorily, the applicant shall be approved and registered with IPF as a Pro-bono Journalist, and the name will be displayed on the website.