Good governance can only be achieved if the society is free of corruption and human rights violations. While the country is facing the problems within., Terrorism - a global threat is Slamming humanity. There are government and non government organizations working on terrorism, corruption and human rights violations. However the numbers of grievances and victims are only increasing.

The alternative for terrorism is counter terrorism. The question is how many of us are aware of how to implement the same within our capacity. Do we have enough policies to counter terrorism? Whenever there is a terrorist attack, we feel, cry and raise our voices. Aren't there any precautions? Are we willing to prevent damage? Are we ready for learning and taking precautions in the first place?

Institutional, organizational and corporate level trainings and certifications on counter terrorism, corruption and human rights violations. The idea of trainings took different shapes for a very long period and felt there is a serious need and urgency to deliver. And I am committed to deliver.

On the other hand, honest public servants are being killed, suspended or cornered for their honesty. Money, Man and Political powers have their own languages and ways of dealing these honest servants. So, I felt there are two problems that need to be addressed simultaneously.

  • Fight against Terrorism, Human Rights Violations and Corruption.
  • Protect those honest servants who are fighting for the aforementioned.