Government Agencies

Most of the Government agencies are plagued with Corruption. Human rights violations are also prevalent by and within government agencies. IPF and Government Agencies together can contribute in the betterment of the society by reducing the incidences of corruption and human rights violation.

What we can do for Government Agencies - We can help Government in fighting corruption that exists within the agencies and is hindering the Country’s development. The agencies can complain about the instances of corruption within it and IPF will take the proper legal recourse. Also, IPF can organize training programmes for the officials of government agencies so as to make them compliant and inspire them to refrain from bribery and other forms of corruption. The honest officials of such agencies can also be honoured on this platform to encourage them and inspire others. Government agencies also come across a number of cases of human rights violations. Organizing training programmes can help in reducing the cases of human rights violations.

What the Government Agencies can do for us – The Government agencies can recommend cases to IPF and help in the fight against corruption and human rights violation.