How We do


    • Credibility comes through fact checking. We have our people who look into the facts, check their credibility, source reliable data and ensure that enough information is available with regard to human right violations.

    Training and Compliance

    • Through training and compliance we intend to educate and make people aware about the flip side of being corrupt, about why they should not listen to terrorism glorification, why they need to stand against terrorism and what they need to do in such situations. The training starts from school level and aims at big corporate houses as well. The idea is to have maximum people on board in this fight against corruption, terrorism and human rights violation.

    Taking up grievances

    • Through a wide network of volunteers, advocates, journalists, case workers, investigators, advocates etc., IPF ensures that complaints and grievances are taken up at the local and regional level. IPF provides for both online and offline complaint systems so that maximum number of people can be reached.

    Link pro bono advocates with focus groups

    • IPF provides an interface wherein all the advocates who provide pro bono work are listed. Any complaint that reaches us is forwarded to an advocate who takes up the case on pro bono basis, the only requirement being that the complainant must be underprivileged. Thus, IPF ensures that people who cannot access legal help get the same through us.

    Refer cases for Suo Moto (Help in making it a fit case)

    • IPF works as a ‘Human Right Defender’ and refers cases to the National Human Rights Commission and similar agencies so that cognizance is taken and maximum cases reach to the appropriate forum.

    Rating and Ranking Pro Bono Advocates

    • IPF is introducing a 10 pointer system for rating advocates on the basis of their pro bono work. The advocates shall be rated not only for the number of pro bono cases handled by them but also for the reviews we get from the clients whose cases have been handled by the respective advocates. The advocates shall be ranked on the basis of the ratings and shall be listed on the website rank wise.

    Honoring Honest Public Servants

    • At IPF, we believe that honesty must be recognised and appreciated. For this, we have a program wherein people can inform us about the honest public servants. IPF will honor these public servants upon verification of facts and will give them recognition for the work that they have been doing.

    Unmasking the Corrupt

    • IPF's take at ending corruption works through a quest to unmask the corrupt. By ensuring anonymity of complainant, IPF makes sure that maximum number of people come forward to unmask the corruption they have been facing, be it in public offices, private places or corporate houses.

    Draft and Suggest Policies and Legislations

    • IPF believes that legislations and policies strengthen the stand against violations. To cater to the needs of the society, IPF prepares draft legislations and policies that can be suggested to the government for implementation to counter corruption, terrorism and human rights violations.

    Block various modes of terrorism glorification

    • IPF ensures that all the channels from where terrorism sprawls, are blocked and it stand united to create a complete blockade of channels, be it social media, local messengers, pamphlets, anything that glorifies terrorism or terrorist activities is under our watch. The idea is to not let such convoluted literature reach the public and not to let the public be influenced by it.