Pride, Respect and Honour

Helping "The ones in need"

A number of honest public servants are falsely accused of corruption and human rights violation. IPF aims at helping such officials by providing them legal aid and a platform to file their complaint. Any person who witnesses any such incident where an honest public servant is falsely accused is welcome to file a complaint in that regard.

Protecting Honest Servants

IPF tries to protect honest servants from false allegations levelled upon them by corrupt officials to tarnish their image. Any public servant who is subjected to such false allegations or any witness to such an incident can file a complaint on this platform.

Honouring Honest Servants

IPF honours the honest servants for their honesty and good work, so as to encourage them to maintain their honesty, and inspire others to become righteous. This would ensure increase in accountability by the public servants and fall in the incidences of Corruption.