What We do

Our 5 point FORCE mission provides a clear insight into what we do:

  • Fight against Terrorism and Human rights violation: Universality and Inalienability are considered to be the two essential features of human rights. It is these two features that IPF seeks to protect. By tracing human right violations, locating the causes, investigating and dealing with grievances on local level, IPF seeks not only to protect the rights of every person and to enable every person to protect himself/ herself. Further, IPF fights against terrorism by blocking terrorism outreach at local level as well as State, National and International level.
  • Ostracize corruption from the society: IPF is concerned about the seriousness of problems and threats posed by corruption to the stability and security of societies and understands how corruption undermines the institutions and values of democracy, ethical values and justice and jeopardizes sustainable development and the rule of law. Also, we believe that if corruption is ostracized from the society, many other crimes will automatically get eliminated. For this, we work towards combating corruption by helping people bring out the corrupt faces out of their masks, by conducting training sessions on anti bribery, by supporting and protecting the honest.
  • Reify the role of honest public servants protecting them from external pressures: By giving recognition to people who do their work honestly, IPF aims at instilling a sense of pride in honesty among the common mass. IPF also aims to protect the public servants from exploitation by political or administrative elements. For this, we provide a medium to ensure action against undue pressure.
  • Create an accessible platform for the focus groups: IPF provides a platform that is easily accessible to all. It ensures that the people in need have access to the platform, be it through the volunteers, the lawyers, activists or the website for that matter.
  • Enforce the legal rights of the oppressed: We work as a response to the lack of access to justice for people in India. Justice must no longer be a privilege and for that IPF provides the facility of pro bono legal services, i.e. legal services without charging the underprivileged sections of the society.